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We provide dance classes that are in a fun and structured way where we introduce the magical and beautiful world of dance, allowing every child to explore their full potential.

We believe that participating in our classes will impact on your child's physical and cognitive development as well as helping self esteem.  Children learn focus, discipline, and dedication, giving them skills that are essential for life as well as a lifelong love for dance.

What people say

 My daughter has been attending for a number of years and it is am amazing dance school. 


The dance teachers are fantastic, friendly and professional at all times. 


Love that the classes are fun and relaxed as they have developed my daughter into a beautiful dancer.

Mum to Olivia

Age 9

We love Little Wings! My daughter has been attending for over a year & we have been really impressed with the classes.


All the teachers are lovely. They are so good with all the children & I have always been impressed at how brilliant they are at commanding the attention of a room full of unruly preschoolers!


Highly recommend this dance school.

Mum to Lola 

Age 3

Little wings is an amazing dance school both my daughters attend one of which has confidence and social communication problems.


 The staff are brilliant with her and support her needs, she has come along way, the staff have helped her gain and build her confidence and communicate better socially, both my girls enjoy the classes and look forward to going every week, would highly recommend this lovely dance school.

Mum to Willow & Maisie

Age 4 & 8


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