Try for Free

We know that children like to try different things and we understand that paying upfront can be an expensive exercise if they decide its not for them.


However, children also need time to adapt and get used to a new environment. It is natural for a child to watch the first-week until they feel happy, safe and secure. We call week three the 'magic week' and by this time usually see a huge difference in pupils participation.

The first class you attend at Little Wings Dance School will be your FREE taster session.  No payment will be taken from you.


If you decide to attend again then you will be emailed an invoice for the remainder of the half-term.


Fees are paid in advaced each half-term which is usually 6 weeks.  Little Wings terms run in line with the school term.


£5 per class =  £30 per half term (on a normal 6 week term)

An invoice is emailed out prior to each half-term and fees are paid on or before the first class.  Unfortunately late fees result in a £5 charge.

As we keep the space for your child whether they are there or not, we cannot refund you for any missed classes.