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1.5 years +

From the moment children are steady on their feet, your little one can join ballet. Our classes are filled with props to capture your little one’s imagination whilst at the same time fostering a love of dance. As children progress in ballet we start to build the foundation for ballet technique, learning all the correct french terminology. Ballet is essential to all other dance styles, and develops strength, grace, poise, posture & musicality.


2 years +

Your little one will get the chance to make music with their feet in our tap classes. Using upbeat, exciting music to help inspire the children and increase their musical awareness. Tap offers a more relaxed atmosphere to ballet and helps to develop a strong sense of rhythm and musical understanding. Tap is a great class to work your child physically and mentally.

musical theatre

6 years +

Musical Theatre combines singing, acting & dance, all of which are necessary components of Musical Theatre. Allowing students to develop their musical awareness, performance & versatility with the opportunity to perform numbers from well known musicals. Musical Theatre is seen in the West End & Broadway.


2 years +

Starting with our Tiny Tumblers class from 2 years old, children will learn physical skills of agility, coordination & balance safely with the use of sensory play and memory skills. Moving to our Acrobatics (Acro) classes at the age of 4 years, classes are designed to develop a dancer’s flexibility, strength, balance, limbering & tumbling skills. Enhanced by other dance subjects such as Ballet, Acrobatics is a fantastic addition to any training, supporting a dancer’s growth & fundamental development.


4 years +

A beautiful blend of Ballet technique, Jazz rhythms, and modern style create dances that reflect the emotions and lyrics of the music. Lyrical dance encourages natural, spontaneous movement and personal interpretation.


4 years +

Miss Jess street classes are fun & energetic. The class teaches children the foundations of basic street dance movements from styles such as Hip-Hop, House, Waacking, Commercial Jazz Techniques and more.